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On 3/16/2011, the University Biosafety Committee approved changes that will affect the submission of protocols, protocol modifications and protocol renewals. The new rules are as follows:

1. The IBC Compliance Coordinator will send new protocols to the full committee one week prior to that month's meeting by separate email. Rare exceptions for late submissions may be considered. The Principal Investigator (PI) or a representative must be in attendance to address any questions the committee may pose.

2. The IBC Compliance Coordinator will send requests for minor modification(s) to approved protocols to the IBC Chair and to the Biological Safety Officer for review and approval. The Chair and the Biological Safety Officer may approve the request administratively or may require that the protocol undergo full committee review. If a full review is required, the IBC Compliance Coordinator will notify the PI of the time, date and location of the next meeting and will distribute the protocol to the entire committee. PI, or laboratory representative attendance is required.

3. The IBC Compliance Coordinator will send requests for renewals of approved protocols (due every three years) to the full committee one week prior to the monthly meeting. Renewal requests will be sent via a separate email. The PI should identify any changes made to the protocol. Any committee member can request a full review of the protocol, with the investigator or a representative in attendance at the meeting to answer questions. If no member requests full committee review, the Chair and Biological Safety Officer may approve the renewal administratively. The committee members must address requests for full IBC review to the IBC Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to meeting. The Chair and Biosafety Officer must notify IBC Coordinator of approvals at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The Committee will be informed of all administrative approvals via the agenda of the next meeting.

The latest procedures for Review and Approval of Protocols and protocol Modifications can be viewed here.

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If you are unable to find or access the form you need, or have procedural questions, call the Environmental Health & Safety Office at 575-5448.