Rick Williams, Chemical Hygiene Officer, has over thirty years of Municipal, State, and Federal Regulatory Compliance Experience in Fire, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Medical Services, and Building Codes. He has served as Fire Chief, Fire Marshall, Building Official, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Code Analyst and Homeland Security Supervisor at Federal, State and City levels, experience that includes over 3000 hours of level A Hazardous Materials Response and Encapsulation. Mr. Williams's duties include managing the hazardous waste collection, storage and disposal program for the campus as well as auditing campus laboratories, buildings and facilities to assure compliance with State and Federal Hazardous Material Regulations.
Room: FAMA-A111
Phone: 575-4079
Cell: 879-2161

Derek Knight, Hazardous Materials Safety Supervisor, is a veteran fire fighter with a strong background in hazardous material handling and safety. He is a state certified HAZMAT Technician and is trained and experienced in all areas related to emergency response, including: respirators and personal protective equipment, ladder and scaffolding safety, hot work, confined space entry procedures, as well as DOT requirements and procedures for shipping hazardous material.
Room: FAMA-A111
Phone: 575-8473
Cell: 841-0873

John Dixon, Laboratory Safety Compliance Coordinator, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Arkansas. He has 10 years’ experience in Nanotechnology in life sciences. In his capacity as Lab Compliance Coordinator, he is responsible for conducting periodic Safety Audits of all campus Chemical Laboratories, training and assisting the Laboratories in the implementation and use of the OPUS Laboratory Management and Chemical Inventory System, hosted on this website. He acts as liaison between laboratory PIs and supervisors, EH&S, and the various regulatory agencies involved with hazardous material. He is responsible for development, oversight and monitoring of the overall campus laboratory safety compliance program.

Room: FAMA-A112
Phone: 575-5336
Cell: 479-466-1045

If you have any questions or comments about the University's Hazardous Materials Safety Program or would like to schedule a class, contact Environmental Health & Safety at 575-5448 or e-mail the Chemical Hygiene Officer, Rick Williams or the Hazardous Materials Safety Supervisor,

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