The University of Arkansas Department of Environmental Health and Safety has developed a Laser Safety Program to provide guidance to University faculty, staff, and students in the safe use of lasers and laser systems, and to ensure that the University maintains compliance with the American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers (ANSI Z 136-2007). The Program identifies potential hazards associated with the use of lasers and develops a broad strategy to prevent accidents.
OSHA standards and ANSI Z136-2007 require that each laser on campus be registered with Office of Environmental Health & Safety. Get the registration form here. Print out the form, fill it in and send the completed form to EH&S by campus mail, or fax it to 479-575-6474. Online Laser Safety Training is now available.

Pradyot Chowdhury (Radiation Safety Officer)
Phone: 575-3379
Cell: (479)263-2572

Kyle Curry (Campus Safety Officer)
Phone: 575-2909
Cell: 466-7036

Laser Manual
Laser Registration Form
Laser SOP Template
Laser Safety Training
OSHA Technical Manual(OTM),Section III: Chapter 6 (LASER SAFETY)