Lew Meyers, Pollution Prevention Coordinator, is the developer and coordinator of EH&S’s Pollution Prevention Program. Building a successful pollution prevention program initially requires an accurate characterization of the waste stream.  This information can then be used as a baseline to measure the success of comprehensive waste reduction efforts that focus on procedural changes, product substitution, recycling, and where necessary, implementation of engineering controls. Lew is currently working on quantifying the campus hazardous material waste stream. He works closely with other partners in the University’s sustainability initiative.
Room: FAMA-A114
Phone: (479)575-3537
Cell: (479)879-1659
E-mail: lmeyers@uark.edu

If you have any questions or comments about the University's Pollution Prevention Program or would like more information, contact Environmental Health & Safety at 575-5448 or e-mail the Pollution Prevention Coordinator, Lew Meyers.

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