Pradyot Chowdhury, Radiation Safety Officer, holds a doctorate degree in physical science and has contributed to nuclear, radiation and laser research for a couple of decades publishing numerous papers in reputed international journals. He is multilingual and worked in Germany, Japan, Canada, USA and India. Since 2009, He has been working in the area of Medical and Health Physics as a Radiation and Laser Safety Officer. As Campus Radiation Safety Officer Dr. Chowdhury supervises all aspects of the University Radiation Safety Program which include:

  • assuring compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Arkansas Department of Health regulations,
  • the safe use of radioactive materials on campus,
  • radiological safety training,
  • radioactive waste pickups,
  • radiological instrument calibration services,
  • the campus dosimetry program to monitor and record individual radiation exposure levels,
  • consulting and support services for all radiological safety issues.

Room: FAMA-A112
Phone: (479)575-3379
Cell: (479)263-2572

John David (J.D.) Farrell, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Science from Arkansas Tech University, Russellville. He also earned an Associate of Science degree in Emergency Medical Science from the University of Arkansas for Medical Science (UAMS). He Spent 9 years working at Arkansas Nuclear One as a Radiochemist. He has over 30 years experience in emergency services including areas of Fire, Hazmat, EMS, and Technical Rescue. He retired from the fire service in 2009 at the rank of Assistant Fire Chief/Paramedic. He currently serves as Assistant Radiation Safety Officer and provides general awareness and safety training for staff and university personnel. He is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, and is HAZWOPER certified. John is a lifelong resident of Arkansas and an avid Razorback fan.

Room: FAMA-A113
Phone: (479)575-7916
Cell: (479)841-5856

Radioactive Waste Pickup:
To schedule a radioactive waste pickup, log in to the Environmental Health & Safety website using your University Id and password. When you log in, you will be taken to the "Logged in User Menu". If you are already logged in, click the "Logged in User Menu" link at the left of the screen. Click the "Request Hazardous Waste Pickup" link and follow the on-line instructions. Most of the fields in the header portion of the request are default filled in using your user profile. Correct any entries requiring correction, select "Radiological Waste" in the "Pickup Type" dropdown, fill in building and room number and click the "Continue" button, which will bring up the detail entry screen. Individually list each waste item in the detail section of the form. Click the "Assistant" button for help in filling out the "Rad Waste Material" field. Click "Submit" for each line item, then click "Add" if there are additional line items to enter. Click "Finished" when the form is complete.

If you have any questions or comments about the University's Radiation Safety Program or would like to schedule a class, contact Environmental Health & Safety at 575-5448 or e-mail the Radiation Safety Officer, Pradyot Chowdhury.

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