Storm Water & Campus Drainage:
On our campus, rainwater begins its long journey back to the sea via the nearest storm drain or waterway, the majority flowing either into the College Branch of the West Fork of the White River (also known as Mullins Creek) in the South West portion of the campus or into Mud Creek from the North East portions. Pollutants can be dissolved into, or picked up by the flowing storm water, and are carried downstream. Examples of pollutants that threaten our waterways include fertilizers, pesticides, soaps, detergents, vehicle fluids (including motor oil, anti-freeze, and fuels), paints, solvents, pet waste, grease, sewage, trash and debris. We all need to be vigilant to keep polluting substances out of the streams that run through our campus. Incidents involving storm water pollution or the dumping of pollutants into the campus storm water drainage system can be reported by calling 479-575-5448 or by submitting an on-line Storm Water Problem Report.

The University of Arkansas along with twelve cities in Benton and Washington Counties, as well as the counties themselves meet EPA criteria for small urbanized area Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), and as such are required to comply with national Phase II Stormwater Regulations. This group of MS4s has banded together to form the MS4 Jurisdiction of Northwest Arkansas whose members work cooperatively to assure compliance with EPA regulations by all the individual MS4s.
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